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We Create a Culture That Inspires Us To Work Smart Together

At Hruthika Technologies, we foster a dynamic culture that encourages collaboration and smart work. We believe in cultivating an inspiring environment where our team thrives collectively. Our commitment to innovation and teamwork drives us to push boundaries, ensuring a vibrant and productive atmosphere. Join us at Hruthika Technologies, where we embrace a culture that fuels creativity, excellence, and collaboration for mutual success.

Your Trusted Partner For All IT Solutions

Hruthika Technologies stands as your reliable ally for comprehensive IT solutions. With a confirmed tune document with cutting-edge reliability, we provide technical offerings tailored to your precise wishes. From software improvement to cyber protection, our group's latest experts ensure seamless integration and superior performance. Choose Hruthika Technologies for a steadfast partnership in navigating the dynamic landscape of information technology. Your success is our commitment.


Creative Ideas & Projects

Explore boundless creativity on Hruthika Technologies' digital platform, where innovative ideas and projects come to life. Immerse your self in a global of limitless possibilities, where creativity is aware of no bounds. be part of us on a journey of exploration and discovery as we bring the future to the existing, one innovative undertaking at a time. unharness your imagination and be a part of a community that values and nurtures ingenious questioning in the ever-evolving landscape of Hruthika technologies.

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“Explore exciting career opportunities at Hruthika Technologies! Our latest job listing features diverse roles in a dynamic work environment”. be a part of a team dedicated to innovation and growth. From tech enthusiasts to innovative minds, we are hiring people ready to contribute their competencies. discover your perfect healthy and embark on a profitable adventure with us. Discover the possibilities that await you at Hruthika Technologies. Apply now and shape the future of technology with us!


Looking for an adept React.js Developer to create seamless user interfaces and elevate web applications. Must excel in React.js and JavaScript.
Collaboratewith diverse teams for responsive solutions. Join our dynamic development group to propel innovation and contribute to our vibrant work environment


An interesting possibility for a skilled developer proficient in the MERN stack! Be part of our dynamic team and make contributions to tasks. we are seeking a passionate person with knowledge in MongoDB, specific.js, React.js, and Node.js. If you're equipped to address demanding situations, collaborate with a talented organization, and make a good-sized impact, observe now. free up your ability in a vibrant painting environment that values innovation and boom. be a part of us in shaping the destiny of internet improvement!


Exciting opportunity for a skilled MEAN stack developer! join our dynamic team, contributing to projects that leverage MongoDB, express.js, Angular, and Node.js. if you're obsessed with crafting seamless, responsive programs and thrive in collaborative surroundings, this role is for you. carry your understanding to the table and be part of shaping modern solutions. practice now to be a key player in revolutionizing the digital panorama!

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Name Developer

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Name Developer

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More Opportunities
For Everyone

Discover a world of learning at Hruthika Technologies, an innovative e-learning platform that caters to students, professionals, and lifelong learners. Offering diverse publications, it creates a dynamic environment for skill enhancement. Whether you're aiming for personal or professional growth, Hruthika Technologies provides ample opportunities to unlock your potential. Embrace limitless possibilities and stay ahead in our ever-evolving world with the valuable skills acquired through this forward-thinking platform.


Discover versatile learning at Hruthika Technologies with flexible training modes. Tailor your educational journey with options that suit your schedule and preferences. Empower yourself through personalized training experiences designed to enhance your skills and career prospects.


Discover a diverse range of 100+ technology and behavioral skill courses at Hruthika Technologies. Enhance your knowledge with relevant content, empowering yourself for career growth in the dynamic landscape of today's professional world.

Free Consulting

Unlock your business potential with complimentary HR consulting from Hruthika Technologies. Gain valuable insights, streamline operations, and elevate your team's performance. Experience the difference of expert guidance tailored to your unique needs.


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Transforming Industries with Technology and Expertise - Hruthika Technologies

The advancement in technology, especially Internet and Information Technology has led to new ways of doing business in banking. These technologies have cut down time, working simultaneously on different issues and increasing efficiency. Hruthika technologies has innovated Core Services like Core Banking, Treasury, Trade Finance and Card Management on an outsourced Application Service Provider (ASP) model.


Adoption of healthcare technology and digital reinvention have accelerated in recent years.
Hruthika technologies helps drives transformation in the healthcare industry with a smarter architecture, modernized core systems, adoption of open standards and scaled data value. We design secure platform experiences for data and artificial intelligence needs across enterprise.
We also offer you advanced healthcare technology solutions to drive impact, services to digitally transform and the ability to implement at scale with a trusted partner.


Government IT solutions for future readiness
Empower government services with AI Governments continue to build on their momentum to deliver exceptional citizen services. Responsible AI and generative AI solutions can help governments improve the citizen experience, optimize operations, increase efficiency and build trust.
Hruthika technologies remains committed to the service of governments and citizens around the globe—across segments including tax and revenue management, social services, health and human services, critical infrastructure, education and national security. We work with stewards in central as well as state and local governments, building on decades of innovation and co-creation. Our deep expertise helps the world conduct the business of government.


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HRuthika Technologies stands at the forefront of innovation in the software industry, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.

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Hruthi Softwaves Trainings ,#002 ,Ground Floor ,35th Main Rd ,2nd Cross ,BTM Layout ,2nd Stage ,Bengalore,India-560068.

+91 89775 17381

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